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Discover The Best Place for Indoor Pickleball!

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Cedar Point Sports Center is the winter home for the Firelands Area Pickleball Association! This fast-growing sport is a combination of tennis and table tennis and can be enjoyed by all age groups!

Contact the Firelands Area Pickleball Association today for more information about the sport and details about the association!

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Adult Sports League

$360/team (6 v. 6) 
Start Date: Tuesday, September 15th  
Season Schedule: Every Tuesday (8-weeks) – 6pm or 7pm games

This 8-week league is designed for mixed teams in a 6 v. 6 league. Roster sizes can include up to 10 players. Each team must have a minimum of two (2) women and a total of four (4) players on the court at all times. The 8-week league concludes with a league championship and the winning team receiving Championship T-Shirts!

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