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Basketball in Championship Court 1
Basketball in Championship Court 1
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Media and Press at Cedar Point Sports Center

Welcome to our news room – the place to see all the latest and greatest news or updates from our facility in Sandusky, Ohio. Our latest press releases are below with details on upcoming events and local programming. If you’re a member of the media, scroll below to see our facility facts and and on-site media contact information.

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Media Contact or Visit Requests

Cedar Point Sports Center’s media policy requires that any journalist or media contact visiting the sports center on assignment must contact the Marketing Manager and must be accompanied by the team member. If you are currently working on a story and are requesting access, please contact us via the below email.

Marketing & Media Contact: Jake Schwerer

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Sports Center Descriptions

In search for just the right words and word count?

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Boilerplate (80 words)

Opened in January 2020, Cedar Point Sports Center is the Midwest’s ultimate sports, events and entertainment destination. Located in Sandusky, Ohio along the scenic North Coast and beautiful Lake Erie, this state-of-the-art facility pairs incredible events with one of the world’s best amusement park destinations, Cedar Point. With 145,000 square feet, there’s more than enough room to host world-class tournament, community events and birthday parties. For more information or book your event, visit:

Short Description (40 words)

Cedar Point Sports Center is a 145,000 square foot sports and events facility in Sandusky, Ohio. With Cedar Point amusement park right around the corner, this facility is the ultimate destination for sports, events and entertainment in the Midwest.

Micro Description (6 words)

Midwest’s premier sports and events destination.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to deliver the best in service, sports, and event experiences to local residents and visitors alike.

Our vision is to be the Midwest’s premier indoor sports destination for sports and events, inspiring the thrill of competition at the world’s best place for thrills.

Key Messages

We offer a spectacular facility as well as a spectacular guest experience. When each person walks into our facility they experience thrills, fun, and excitement that they won’t be able to find at any other sports facility in the nation.

Our facility is bold and state-of-the-art. It’s like playing as a pro or playing in the playoffs or champions circle. When athletes visit, everyone feels like an MVP.

Cedar Point Sports Center cares about the community and creating a community among those who play and stay in Sandusky. We are a community asset, offering youth and amateur athletes a chance to experience the fun in sport and build life-long skills through our facility. We encourage everyone to find their sense of play here. 

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